Fusion Entrees

Japanese Fusion Entrees
Served with soup, salad & steamed or fried rice.
Ton Katsu or ToriKatsu$14.95
Deep-fried pork cutlet or chicken in panko w/ vegetables
Chicken breast served on top of rice w/ sweet scrambled eggs and vegetables
Deep-fried pork cutlet served on top of rice w/ sweet scrambled eggs and vegetables
Shrimp tempura and vegetable served on top of rice w/ teriyaki sauce
Barbequed eel on a bed of rice
Red Wine Teriyaki Salmon or Red Snapper$15.95
Choice of pan-seared fish served w/ vegetables & Japanese miso and tofu based Yuju sauce
Clay Pot Curry Rice$10.95
Served w/ vegetable and curry sauce in hot clay pot
Add Chicken$12.95
N.Y. Strip$13.95
Tonkatsu (Pork)$13.95
Tempura Dinner
Lightly battered & deep fried tempura w/ ginger tempura sauce
Shrimp & Vegetable$13.95
Squid & Vegetable$13.95
Combination Dinner Bento Box
Served w/ Japanese Onion Soup, Salad w/ Ginger Dressing, Gyoza, Fried or Steamed Rice, Vegetable, CA Roll, Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura
A: Teriyaki Chicken$17.95
B: Hibachi NY Strip$19.95
C: Teriyaki Salmon$18.95
Any hibachi dinner can be a combination dinner box for $5